East Kew FC News

February 9, 2021
Senior Women’s Team 2021

One of the core values we have here at East Kew FC is our continued growth as a club that is inclusive to all, and that helps build and strengthen the community. We are incredibly proud to announce that this year we will be forming a Senior Women’s Team. Training commences on Wednesday the 10th…

January 22, 2020
2020 Pre-Season

Pre-season training has kicked off for the 2020 season. Venue: Wilsmere Park, Willow Grove, East Kew at 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday.

February 2, 2019
Preseaon Training
Preseaon training has kicked off. Venue: Wilsmere Park, Willow Grove, East Kew 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday
February 2, 2019
Club Song
We are the boys from East Kew We play hard, we play to win. We always strive for victory United and strong, it’s our destiny. All of one and one for all This is our call, We are red, we are white, We are really dynamite Tra la la la, lalala, lala. We are red,...